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Small Moves Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions. (Sept 2003 Updated Jan 2010)

These term and conditions apply to Small Moves and Van Hire London (Vans with Drivers Only) and it’s other trading names.

There is an effort to lay things out in plain English so as to be easily understood.

At all times it should be understood that Small Moves Van and Driver service is a very basic service which is reflected in our prices and that we are an alternative to conventional moving services and an alternative to Self Drive Van Hire.

These Terms and conditions may be altered, amended and updated at any time by Small Moves and where appropriate applied retrospectively.

  • All charges are calculated from when the Van and Driver leaves our base until it will arrive back.
  • The cost of any parking tickets incurred while carrying out a job will be passed onto the customer.
  • The cost of any parking charges will be passed onto the customer.
  • Where an estimate has been given it must be understood that this is not a fixed price quote and all charges are calculated as per our published price list.
  • Where a congestion charge has been incurred on a customers job (this includes passing through a charging zone) the cost will be passed onto the customer.
  • By booking a Van and Driver by telephone or via the internet you have agreed to our terms and conditions and to make full payment on completion.
  • In general, customers book a time for a Van and Driver to arrive. While every effort is made to arrive at the appointed time there are many factors which can cause a Van and Driver to arrive late, therefore it should be understood that there is no guarantee that a Van will arrive on time and no liability or penalty can be attributed should a Van arrive late. If a Van is going to be more than 15 minutes late the driver will attempt to contact the customer by phone and advise of an arrival time.
  • Small Moves reserves the right to pass bookings onto a specialist movers who will carry out your work under their own banner and pay Small moves a commission. In general it is not always practicable to advise customers of this arrangement and it is assumed that customers have read our Terms and conditions.
  • All Luton Van and Working Crew jobs are carried out by a specialist contractors under their own banner. Small Moves will advertise for and take in bookings from customers for Van and Working Crew Jobs and pass the job onto the specialist contractor. The specialist contractor takes payment from the customer and passes on a commission to Small Moves. Occasionally Small Moves will take payment from a customer and will pass the monies onto the specialist contractor less our commission. Small Moves will pass on communications between the customer and specialist contractor and will also mediate if a dispute develops between a customer and the specialist contractor. Over many years of experience this arrangement has been found to be the best possible for customers and allows prices to be maintained at a highly competitive low level.
  • Insurance. In general your goods are not insured, however your household insurance may cover your goods while being moved. Customers who require insurance are advised to make their own arrangements.
  • Over recent years parking conditions have changed and it is not possible to carry out some jobs without incurring a Fixed Penalty Charge. If such a charge is incurred the cost will be passed onto the customer.
  • For jobs that cross the 7pm time line a one off charge of £12 is added to the final bill.
  • Where packing materials have been ordered via our website link to another supplier it should be understood that your contract is with the supplier you made payment to and no liability can be attributed to Small Moves or any of its other trading names for late delivery or defective goods.
  • Your responsibility. If there are any access problems associated with you job or there are any conditions that make your job unusual such as access via an external fire escape or spiral stair ways you must advise us. Also if there is any change to the circumstances of your job, you must advise us as soon as you know.